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Prenups Can Be Sexy!

Prenups get a bad rap.

The partner who wants one is presumed to not be trusting of their mate or anticipates a future bad break up. Even asking for a prenup is thought of as audacious and suspicious. As a family law attorney, let me set the record straight: Prenups are sexy!

It’s no secret that money is the number one issue couples fight about. According to a 2015 survey, 22% of respondents cited “money issues/arguments” as the main factor in their divorces, trailing only “basic incompatibility” at 43% and infidelity at 28%.

How is a prenup sexy?

Because it forces you, as a couple, to talk about money, developing trust, transparency and fostering healthy communication. Allowing your partner to express how they feel about money, their greatest struggles with it or their greatest triumphs, can bring you closer together, allowing for connection over a vulnerable issue. And what’s more sexy than connecting with your mate?

Prenuptial agreements put the power in your hands

A Prenuptial agreement gives a framework to considering and discussing future events and circumstances. What happens if one of you is laid off? Or one of you is given a large family inheritance? What about children? Or the purchase of a house? A Prenuptial agreement can help partners separate assets and debts. They allow for partners to dictate what is separate property and what is community property, instead of relying on California law to dictate what is separate property and what is community property. Wouldn’t you prefer for you and your partner to have the final say so, instead of state law or instead of a judge?

How to Get Started

Despite the common misconception, prenuptial agreements are not only for the rich and wealthy. In California, individuals can draft their own prenups. Nolo press has a great guide on how to draft your own prenup.

Once you’ve crafted a draft, it’s best to seek legal counsel to confirm its validity. At

Wells-Gibson Family Law, we thoroughly enjoy empowering our clients to dictate their lives. We are experienced in creating prenuptial agreements and would love to help you create yours. We offer a one hour consult to see if our services are right for you and we welcome your feedback.

Lastly, as a divorce attorney, let me be frank: Divorces are messy and expensive. They are emotionally and financially draining and no one gets married, hoping for a divorce. In California, a community property state, divorce can be messier than other states.

Make the loving choice TODAY, to be smart AND sexy with you and your mate’s financial futures by crafting a prenuptial agreement. We at Wells Gibson are all about love and we fully believe that prenups are sexy!


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