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Navigating the family law system can oftentimes be a complex process, full of legalese, deadlines, and headache. Most self-represented litigants understand that if they just simply had a better understanding of how to navigate the court system, they could and would be better equipped to show up in court and argue their case.

We're here to change this for you! For the self-represented litigants who simply wish to have a consulting attorney to fall back on for advice and guidance, that's what this monthly service program offers. 

For only $149/month, self-represented litigants will have access to an attorney to assist them. That allows for self-represented litigants to have documentation reviewed, legal advice and consulting, guidance on what to expect moving forward, strategic planning on your case, and knowledge of important deadlines to meet and how to get documents properly submitted to the court as evidence. 

This program is an monthly subscription, BUT no commitment required.

You can pause or cancel at any time.

  • Monthly Subscription

    Every month
    Legal guidance for those self-representing in family court.
    • Two 30-minute consultations Per Month
    • Document Review & Guidance
    • Emails With Legal Staff
    • Instructions on filing, serving, and deadlines
    • Preparation for Court Hearings


Your future starts here, with a FREE consultation.

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