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Who Will Be My Attorney?

Our firm has several attorneys to pick and choose from, each equipped with their legal team. Keep in mind, everything we do here at the firm is ultimately a group effort, as every week we get together as a team to go over the cases.

However, when you hire the firm, you will be assigned a lead attorney. If you already have an attorney in mind, you are 100% able to request that attorney be your lead attorney. If that attorney has the capacity to take your case and they agree to take your case, your case will be assigned to them.

If you don't know who you want to represent you, but you know that you want to be represented by our firm, do not worry. The managing attorney conducts all consultations (unless you specifically request the consult be done by another attorney) and based on the specific issues in your case, the location of the courthouse you case will be heard in, and based on your personality, the managing attorney will pair you with the attorney best suited for your case!

It's our job to make sure that whomever we assign your case to, it will be a good match. You, as a client must feel secure and comfortable with the attorney representing you.

Book your consultation with our firm today, so we can discuss your case in more detail and pair you with your attorney.

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