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How to Pay For Services?

Our office offer two ways to pay for your legal services. Either by retainer or by a monthly fee.

Before you begin reading, feel free to download both our monthly pricing plan & our retainer vs. monthly comparison chart.

Click Here to Download Our Pricing Chart

Click Here to Download Our Comparison Chart

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a set amount of money paid upfront to secure the services of your attorney to handle your case. It's essentially a deposit that is held in a trust account and used to cover future legal fees and expenses as they accrue. As the attorney does work on your matter, the funds will be paid from the retainer.

So, for example, if the retainer is $5,000, once you fund your retainer, those funds will sit in a trust account in your name. So, if the attorney does $500 for the first month of representation, then that $500 will come out of the $5,000 retainer. To begin the second month of representation, there will be $4,500 remaining in your trust account.

Keep in mind that as the retainer funds are used, they may deplete. Therefore, you may be required to replenish the retainer to ensure that there are always sufficient funds to cover ongoing legal expenses. This would involve having to refund your retainer.

At the conclusion of your case, any remaining funds in the retainer account will be returned to you. If the retainer has been fully depleted, you will receive a final bill detailing any outstanding fees or expenses that need to be paid.

What is a monthly fee?

At our firm, we realize that not everyone has the upfront amount to pay for a retainer, making it extremely hard for them to obtain representation. We also realize that may people do not enjoy being on retainer, because their bills fluctuate. On retainer some months can be extremely high, especially if a lot of work is being done on your case at that time.

So, our firm offers monthly fees.

A monthly fee is a set amount that you pay, every single month. This provides peace of mind to several clients because they're not being forced to pay a large lump sum of money and the clients know what exactly they have to pay every single month.

There's pros and cons to both, but theoretically speaking, the total cost will likely balance out at the end of your matter.

Interested in knowing what our monthly fees our? Click Here to Download Our Pricing Chart

We have a retainer vs. monthly fee chart available, so you can determine for yourself which option is best for you. Click Here to Download Our Comparison Chart

Can I Switch Between Retainer or Monthly?

We offer our clients the opportunity to switch once and it has to be a final decision.

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