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Do You Have Free Consults?

No, we do not have free consultations.

Why? Because our consultations are paid, for the protection of the firm.

We completely understand and respect that not everyone desires to pay for an attorney, and therefore go around booking consultations solely for free legal advice. We do not offer free legal advice.

While we would love to help any and everyone, having free consultations takes us away from working on our current client's cases. Our priority can and always is our current clients, and we want to respect them and their time, for having trusted our firm in handling their case.

For the folks who are serious about hiring our firm or are serious about hiring an attorney, we are able and willing to set aside time to discuss their case with them.

If you end up hiring our firm and plan on being on retainer, the money you paid for the consultation will be credited back to you trust account, making the consultation absolutely free!!

Want to know what a retainer is? Click Here.

What Are The Chances You Won't Take My Case?

There are three reasons why we wouldn't take your case.

(1) You're mean, rude, or are intending to use the court system improperly.

(2) You just wanted a consultation and don't want to hire us

(3) Your case is too far away from San Diego, LA, or Riverside

Other than those three reasons, we'd likely take your case.

Will I Get A Refund If You Don't Take My Case?

No. Regardless of those three reasons above, you will always leave your consultation with a game plan/strategy with what your next steps are. So, even if we don't take your case or if you end up not hiring our firm, you will leave with knowledge, a plan, and peace of mind in your case.

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