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Assigned attorney will electronically file your documents with the court and electronically serve your documents to the other party. 


Price is based "per phase". For example, if purchasing service for the initial filing phase, all documents (petition, summons, venue, and uccjea) will be electronically filed with the court & once we receive the documents back, will automatically be electronically served to the other party.

*If no fee waiver is granted, there is a court filing fee to file your initial documents. We will pay the fee, however, a separate invoie will be sent for reimbursement, which will need to be paid PRIOR to us filing the documents on your behalf*

E-filing & E-serving: Single Person

  • REFUND POLICY. a. A full refund (100%) is available if requested within two (2) days of having placed the order. After two (2) days have passed, a partial refund will be provided as follows: The full amount less the amount of work and costs incurred, billed at the working attorney’s hourly billing: $300/hour. The following activities are billable: (1) setting up client(s) in systems, (2) phone calls, (3) emails, (4) reviewing documents, (5) editing documents, (6) research, (7) drafting documents, (8) offboarading client(s) in systems.

    You become a client once you purchase the service.

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