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Assigned attorney will review the uploaded documents and provide guidance on what revisions and edits should be made, so both of your documents are properly filled out prior to serving and filing. 


Price is based on "per phase." For example, if in the intiial documents phase, document review will cover (1) petition, (2) summons, (3) venue declartaion, and (4) uccjea. 

Price is not based on per document.

Document Review: Both Spouses

  • REFUND POLICY. a. A full refund (100%) is available if requested within two (2) days of having placed the order. After two (2) days have passed, a partial refund will be provided as follows: The full amount less the amount of work and costs incurred, billed at the working attorney’s hourly billing: $300/hour. The following activities are billable: (1) setting up client(s) in systems, (2) phone calls, (3) emails, (4) reviewing documents, (5) editing documents, (6) research, (7) drafting documents, (8) offboarading client(s) in systems.

    You become a client once you purchase the service.


    Because Mediator does not advocate for either party, Clients are advised to have such settlement agreement and legal documents independently reviewed by counsel of that party’s choosing before executing any agreement or filing of any document. This will confirm that Mediator has agreed to act solely as Mediator in this matter. This will further confirm that Mediator has disclosed to Clients conflicts or potential conflicts, if any, of which Mediator is aware and Clients have waived any such conflicts or potential conflicts which might result from prior knowledge of the parties.

    Please note that as Mediator, the attorney assigned to your case will not be able to provide either spouse with “independent advice” and no attorney-client privilege is attaching, making one spouse’s communication confidential from the other spouse. To reiterate, a Mediator is an unbiased, third party whose goal is to help both partners amicably split their assets and debts, come to an agreement on other issues such as child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, etc. and to avoid court fees and other costs associated with litigation.

    Both spouses have the right to have their DIY documents and Settlement Agreement reviewed by independent counsel, should they choose! Otherwise, they are waiving that right. 

    You acknowledge that you have both been advised of your right to seek independent counsel, should you wish, and you acknowledge that the attorney assigned to mediate your case does not and will not represent either of you now or in the future, should your case need court intervention.

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