We value your time just as much as we value ours.

That's why we believe in price transparency.

The common law firm practice of not disclosing prices until after you've scoured websites, submitted contact forms, and sat through phone calls leaves YOU exhausted, discouraged, under-informed, and willing to settle for less-than-ideal arrangements.

Wells-Gibson Family Law is reasonably priced, and we want you to know that up-front so you can get moving toward your future today.


  • Legal Advice

    30 minutes
    Valid for 3 months
    • Get answers to your individual family law questions
    • Certainty (the thing that can't be found on Google)
    • Base decisions on professional understanding of legal facts
  • Best Value

    Subscription Service

    Every month
    Legal guidance for those self-representing in family court.
    • Two FREE 30-Minute Consultations Per Month
    • UNLIMITED Monthly Emails
    • UNLIMITED 10-Minute Q&A Calls Per Month
    • Contact With Legal Staff
  • Standard Retainer

    For non-simple matters requiring representation in court.
    • Acts as a savings account we hold for you to bill from
    • Prevents you from owing an outstanding balance
    • Helps you keep an eye on your legal fees