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Can't Afford a Family Law Attorney? Now You Can.

Let’s face it: hiring an attorney is expensive.

In my opinion, rightfully so. The amount of schooling and testing an attorney has to commit to and the amount of student loan debt they are taking on oftentimes justify why they charge as much as they do. Retainers cost anywhere between $1,500 to $20,000 and an attorney’s hourly rate ranges from $150/hr to $850/hr, sometimes higher, sometimes lower.

Now, imagine someone who makes minimum wage trying to afford an attorney with that hourly rate. It’s not feasible and it’s not sustainable. Oftentimes litigants can save up to have a retainer to officially retain an attorney, but run into not being able to replenish the retainer, only for an attorney to withdraw from the case. How sad is that - to have an attorney leave in the middle of the case? It’s not the attorney’s fault - they also need to make a living and it’s not fair to expect them to take your case for free. But, it’s also not fair for a litigant to be left high and dry in the middle of their case. It’s a lose-lose situation and no one leaves happy.

In family law, 85% of the litigants are self-represented, mostly for financial reasons. The thought of people fighting for issues that are going to have severe and lost-lasting effects & consequences on a family sicken me. That is why Wells-Gibson Family Law has created the Subscription Service Program!

This program is geared towards those who cannot afford hiring an attorney (or simply wish to save their money) but want and/or need to be able to consistently consult an attorney for legal advice. Maybe you need help with the following:

  • Wanting to know what case law to cite in court or in your paperwork,

  • Wanting to present an argument and need help piecing it together,

  • Needing help on formulating your game plan for your case,

  • Needing help drafting the necessary paperwork, documentation, and/or properly filing and serving evidence,

  • Wanting resources such as private investigators, process servers, e-filing providers,

  • Preparing for Family Court Services, Family Resolution Conferences, Case Status Conferences, Trial, Ex Parte Hearings, Request for Order Hearings, Evidentiary Hearings, Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearings, or

  • Simply needing any family law advice/guidance.

Having an attorney on “tap” usually helps reduce anxiety and nervousness for individuals, which allows for them to do better in their court proceedings, because they are prepared and confident when they get before a judge. That could AND should be you.

With the subscription service you get the following benefits:

  • Two 30-minute consultations per month

  • UNLIMITED document review

  • UNLIMITED emails with your assigned legal staff

  • UNLIMITED Q&A phone calls [lasting up to 15 minutes]

  • Instructions on filing & serving

  • Preparation & coaching for all upcoming hearings

The subscription service is a recurring, monthly subscription that requires absolutely no commitment. Use it for as long or as little as you need. Only $149 a month, which is a FRACTION of the cost of hiring an attorney on retainer.


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